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Install network and rack cabinets serve as a reliable structure for your data centre. The high-quality products are up to industrial standards for various uses. 

What Is A Network Cabinet, and What Is The Function of Network Cabinets for The Server?

people usually consider the performance, speculation, and configurations for servers; however, there is one more consideration. This important component is the network cabinet, also known as a server cabinet or a rack cabinet. It includes hardware structures designed to accommodate technical tools and equipment such as storage devices, routers, servers, switches circuits, hubs, cables, etc. Rack cabinet is utilized by organizations that own servers in communication and data centers. The network cabinet helps to ensure stable operation by keeping important devices and servers in a fixed position. Network cabinet offers extra security to cables as these cabinets come in the lockable form. It helps to ensure security and additional safety in data centers.

Understanding The Depth Of A Network Cabinet

The depth of a standard network cabinet is around thirty inches. They, however, differ in size, and you can get the desired network cabinet to suit your needs based on your networking.

The Rise In Demand Of A Network cabinet

In the modern era, computing power is in great demand. Besides this, the demand for space in data centers, network cabinets, and server racks is increasing These cabinets keep networking equipment in switchers, storehouse routers, and patch panels. Rack cabinet comes in various accessories and types, so it is always advisable to buy such gadgets from trustworthy manufacturers.

Benefits of network cabinets

Network cabinet or rack cabinet is an important support tool, especially for those who operate servers in the data centers. Some important benefits offered by network cabinets are-

Optimizing the structure server system

A rack cabinet is a frame that includes breathable, tall, and large structures. You can install rack cabinets side by side for large server systems in long rows. They can easily accommodate different types of devices in the same location. Therefore, the hardware devices of the server system are kept organized, which ensures to maximize the use of the floor space.

Effective cabling system management

Efficient and easy cabling system management is ensured with a better-quality network cabinet. You can use the brackets you set by multiple networks and power cables and maintain an organized, neat, and secure way.

Delivery of effective cooling

One major challenge faced by data centers is optimizing the whole performance while maintaining the cooling of network devices. Network cabinets have been designed to ensure easy circulation of air and keep the system cool. Server rack cabinets help ensure constant airflow. It keeps IT equipment and your servers secure and increases airflow. If your main priority is airflow, buy a server rack or cabinet with the cooling system. The cabinet is approximately 19inch in width, and the best feature of the network cabinet is that it offers ample open space.

Security support

Hard metal is used to design network cabinets and a lock that helps limit unauthorized action on the internal hardware system. The network cabinet also comes with a door that obstructs intentional or unintentional collision with cable or power buttons that can lead prove fatal. The important part of your network is your server, which needs to be well maintained and safeguarded. Server rack cabinets reduce safety risks and help in extending the life of your network.

Data storage

Investing in a quality server racking system is important, especially for data centers. You can store data easily with the correct server rack. Storing data is easy with network cabinets that help optimize each inch of space.

Improve Security

Server racking systems have been designed in such a way that keeps unauthorized individuals out of the system. It consists of a panel that locks together and even comes with a different locking system.

Ensure Maintenance Ease

The right network cabinet helps in the easy maintenance of machines and equipment. This is why racks are made with shelves or wheels that easily slide out. You can clean these racks, which gives you easy accessibility to the server. The maintenance resolution and speed of the rack depend on the design of the cabinet you select. A good network cabinet system helps increase the accessibility to compromised parts of the system.

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Choose your best suited LAN network cable from our collection of ethernet cables. Our products range Cat 5e to Cat 7 that can match your industrial need.

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Rack Cabinet

Since 2005, Eight Limited has started manufacturing high-quality server racks and cabinets, supplying to Hong Kong's residential, commercial, and governmental establishments. Whether you need a single rack cabinet at home or a thousand in a data center, Eight Limited will provide the best solution to fit your need. All rack cabinets are manufactured at an ISO9001 manufacturing plant, meet or exceed with ANSI/EIA, RS-310-D; IEC297-2; DIN41491: PART 1; DIN41491: PART 7; GB/T3047.2-92 industry standard.


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