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Horizontal Power Bar (PDU)

Power Distribution Unit, PDU, is one of the essential component which is widely be used in now-a-day rack cabinet system. A PDU divides a main power source into several power sockets for difference peripherals. A piece of PDU can be made in difference model of way to let you choose; such as 7-way PDU, 8-way PDU or 12-way PDU, even up to as many as 24-way PDU.  A good quality of PDU will keep your equipment running in the highest efficiency, stable and safely. Some of advance PDU model series, we called it “intelligent PDU series”, will come with built-in AMP meter, VOLT meter or even on-board monitoring diagnostic module which can be monitored your live status of the power system from your mobile phone. Today, you can choose a variety of difference model of PDU which is based on your needs.