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VGA Cable
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  • VGA cables can be made with 3 analog cables with 6 signal cables
  • VGA cables compatible with IBM VGA, sVGA, VESA, etc
  • Tinned conductors at the bare end installation of a 15-pin HD connector
  • For typical 5 BNC installation, just cut and prep the coaxes as usual for crimp or compression connectors on 26/28 gauge mini coax
  • Multicore conductors, Thermoplastic insulation
  • 100% Shielding against EMI via full coverage of Aluminium Foil Tape and Braid Wires



Stranded Tinned Copper

(7 x 0.12mm TC) +

27 x 0.1mm Tinned Copper Drain

Stranded Tinned Copper

(7 x 0.12mm TC) 


3 core insulation

6 core insulation

Shielding Primary Aluminium Foil Tape 100% overlap the conductors and insulation
  Secondary Aluminium Magnesium Braid
Jacket   80C Degree Heat Resistant PVC jacket
Overall Diameter   8.35 mm +/-5%

Return Loss 

Frequency MHz 0-50MHz >25 dB  
  50-600MHz >20 dB  
  600-900MHz >15 dB  

Mechanical Characteristics

Tensile Strength (Mpa)   ≥13.8  
Insulation Elongation    ≥80%  
Minimum Bending Radius Storage 8 x OD  
  Use 10 x OD  
Operation Temperature   -20°C ~ +70°C  
Spark Test   3.0KV/ Sec NO BREAKING  
Cold Bend Test   - 10±1°C/4HR NO CRACKING  
Heat Shock Test   121±1°C/1HR NO CRACKING  

Electrical Characteristics

Frequency MHz 1 5 10 50 100 180 400 750 1000
Attenuation dB / 100 ft -0.6 -1.4 -2.1 -4.7 -6.8 -9.2 -14.2 -20.1 -23.8
Capacitance: 18.3pF per ft, 60pF per meter
DC Resistance: 72.2Ω per 1000 ft, 237Ω per km
Impedance: 75Ω (±5Ω)
Temperature: - 20°C ~ 80°C
Velocity of propogation : 78%         


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