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Choose your best suited LAN network cable from our collection of ethernet cables. Our products range Cat 5e to Cat 7 that can match your industrial need.

What is a LAN cable or network cable, and how do they work?

What is LAN?

LAN is the short form for a local area network. It is a network system that interconnects computers in different locations such as homes, schools, offices, commercial buildings, clinics, and just about anywhere there are several computers near each other. LAN is necessary for the interconnection of computers and their networking. There are many different sizes of network connections. In the case of large-scale networking areas like in governments and big corporations, they are known as wide-area networks or WAN.

How is a LAN set up?

No matter where you are in your office or at home, you will be connected to a LAN. It is very easy to set up a Local Area Network or LAN. For it, you will require an ethernet cable. An ethernet cable means the same thing as a LAN cable or a network cable. A LAN cable or a network cable is defined as a cable connected to computers and network switches and from the switches to a router or a modem, which is the component that powers your internet connection. When all these devices are connected with a wired or wireless LAN cable or network cable, they form a LAN (Local Area Network).

If a damaged or longer than necessary network cable is damaged, the network signal will not be strong. To ensure a good and strong signal, the network cable must be of the right length and made of good quality materials. This is why there are various types of different LAN cables to suit the different connectivity and networking situations. Specific situations call for specific kinds of cables. They come in different categories like Cat 5e, Cat 7, etc.

What does a LAN cable look like?

A LAN cable looks like a telephone cable. It has a similar shape to a telephone cable and also has a similar type of plug.

However, it differs slightly since it is larger than a telephone cable and comprises a larger number of wires. A LAN cable consists of eight wires, while telephone phone cables are made up of four such wires. Moreover, a LAN cable also has larger connectors. A network cable can come in many different colors, unlike telephone cables that are usually gray.

The port for this cable in a computer is called an Ethernet port and is connected to the Ethernet card on your computer's motherboard. This particular port can be easily found on the side of a laptop or behind a desktop computer.

The most common type of Ethernet is the Cat 5e network cable This is an enhanced version of the Cat 5 cable. The 5e Ethernet is of good quality and is built so that there is no transfer of signals to unwanted channels of communication.

Whether or not you are aware of it, LAN has become a component of our day-to-day lives in many ways. Your computers are almost certainly a part of a LAN if you use them for anything from playing games to designing graphics at work. What you have at your home is a simple LAN with your computer and router or modem. There are also more complex versions of this same system. Two LANs may be connected. A Virtual Private Network or VPN is also a way to connect to a LAN.

Choose your best-suited LAN network cable from our collection of ethernet cables. Our products range from Cat 5e to Cat 7 that are well-suited to match your industrial need.

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