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24 Ports Blank Patch Panel
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Blanking Patch Panel with 24 Ports | Eight Limited

Eight Limited's blanking patch panel with 24 ports is available to snap in by Cat. The PPCATB24 panel makes a trusted component in building your network.

A blanking patch panel helps in better management and an organized workplace

What Is a Blanking Patch Panel?

A blanking keystone patch panel is also called an unloaded patch panel. It is a hardware panel that has a lot of ports. These ports provide immense help in organizing a group of cables and cords. A patch panel has 24 or 48 ports, and all of these ports have cables that go in different directions and locations. There are different devices connected to every port on a patch panel. Connecting to another network is done by each panel bundling all its connections. Connections to the Internet or a WAN are often made in this way. A patch panel lets all incoming calls be routed through one mainline in facilities with lots of telephone lines.

This type of hardware acts as an organizer of several different ports and provides immense help in organizing cables. An Ethernet patch panel comes in various sizes according to the required number of ports. A panel with a few ports will be smaller, while a large one could also have hundreds of ports. These panels can work for a plethora of different kinds of cables. It is a useful network solution for offices and other places where several devices need to be connected.

Blanking patch panels are very versatile and allow the user to set them up for various cables and cords. They can be used for fiber optic cables, different Ethernet cables like cat5 cables, RJ45 cables, etc. These patch panels are functionally different from pre-loaded patch panels that already have built-in ports for RJ45 cables. A blanking keystone patch panel usually has 24 or 48 reserved holes. These empty holes can then be installed with different keystone jackets for cables like the Cat5e or Cat6 according to whatever is required by the user and their company.

The 24 port patch panel is the perfect one for connecting Ethernet cables. It is used for organizing and managing Ethernet cables which include Cat5e, Cat6, and Cat6A. Due to such a convenient design, the user can eliminate the cables and connectors they no longer need from the blanking patch panel and then connect those cables they require on the same panel.

Advantages of Blanking Patch Panels

Patch panels are one of the most important pieces of equipment in a data center. There are many advantages to using them, making it well worth the investment. Patch panels allow for easy addition of devices, which eliminates the need for running new cables to the device. Their main purpose is to facilitate the transmission of data. The price is relatively cheap because of this.

Another benefit of getting a patch installed is that it will enable you to have shorter cables in your workplace, reducing the cost of having to get longer ones. For patch panels, you may also use inexpensive cat-5 cables instead of costly fiber optic cables.

They also provide easier maintenance because if a cable needs to be run, a port checked, or any other maintenance task needs to be performed, it is much more efficient and quicker than if each device had its own cable.

In the digital age, patch panels are one of the oldest pieces of technology still used today. While their design and function are quite simple, they are still useful for organizing and functioning a data center or almost any other situation involving abundant equipment.

All our blanking patch panels are high in density and are reliable and convenient to use. They can very easily be installed onto a cabinet or wall.

Eight Limited's blanking patch panel with 24 ports is available to snap in by Cat. The PPCATB24 panel makes a trusted component in building your network.

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  • The empty patch panels are available to snap in by Cat
  • Cat5e and Cat6 and Cat6A keystone jacks or couplers
  • Label and inlaid marks are available for the identification of cabling management
  • Not included the module in the packaging
  • Height: 1U, 24 port
  • Snap-in structure, easy to install and unload the module
  • Size: 19 inch


Type Cat5 / Cat6 / Cat6A
Panel, Bracket SPCC
Jack Housing PBT UL94V-0
Operating Temperature Range -10°C to 60°C
Storage Temperature Range -40°C to 68°C
Humidity 10%~90%RH



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